GTA SA: Liberty City Official Website

The Developers

The following (incomplete) list is of people who are and have been part of making this mod a reality. They are listed alphabetically.

Green = Actively working on the mod
Red = Inactive/No longer works on the project

  • AdTec_224 – First main.scm Scripter
  • RAWTalent (bammagera) – Map and Custom Interior Work, ped conversion, animation conversion, cutscenes.
  • bbobik Second main.scm Coder
  • Cursed – Vehicles and Textures Assistance
  • Dingleman – Current Mod Maintainer and Leader
  • GTAfanattic – Mod Maintainer and Leader from Beta 4 to Beta 5 
  • ildar07 - Mission Converting
  • Minnieman121249 - Claude's Alternate Tattoos
  • Monitor57 - Vehicle Converter
  • NathanHenry – Mod Maintainer and Leader from Beta 3 to Beta 4
  • RockstarGamesHD - Vehicle Converter
  • SeaNorris – Vehicle Converter
  • Secretagents1 - Tester
  • XRK – Mod Creator, Maintainer and Leader up to Beta 3

If you are not here and should be, please notify me either here or on this websites Contact Us tab.

External Mod's/Tool's Used in GTA SA: Liberty City

Click their names to navigate to their main pages.

SA Map Cleaner
Made by steve-m

SA Limit Adjuster

Made by Sacky

GTA San Andreas Interface Editor v1.2
Made by Alexander Blade