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HD Menu & Loadscreens - By Emilyanis

This niftly addon is a refreshing departure from the original, low quality GTA 3 menu. It takes all of the splash screens and backrounds, and gives them a overhaul that looks crisp, clear, yet it doesn't feel too far from home.



SA:LC II - By Monitor57

SA:LC II is a spectacular mod that rebuilds Liberty City from the ground up.There are over 30 new vehicles to reak havok in and dozens of new landmarks to see.

The itself is more or less its own seperate release, founded by Monitor57 and currently being worked on by three others. It's development broke away from the original SA:LC mod during the late stages of beta 5, and it has since proven to be quite a groundbreaking piece of work of its own.

Though there is no packed release thus far, seperate vehicles and pieces of map can be downloaded from the official website at:



Upstate Liberty City - By RAWTalent

Upstate Liberty is an addon to SALC, which aims to create a large landmass behind the closed tunnels of Liberty City. Said landmass includes, vast expanses of wooded areas, with large tree's, shrubbery etc, a whole new urban area roughly the same size as Portland, a Prison and much more.

Development is currently at the in-game testing stage, however a public beta may be a while off due to certain bugs. below are some development and in-game screenshots to wet your appetite.






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