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hello guy's i've got a new idea. to do the stadium rally game.

i know that the stadium is open but the can change it and transform it closed.

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Hi guys is again me.

I have a really big idea.  the other day i download gta san vice, this is a mod for gta SA that is in vice city.

this mod has got a lot of cool stuff in it, it has: restaurants, clubs, fast foods' discos' houses that you can buy, story line missions, car mod missions, vice city stuff, secondary missiions, gang wars, more cars and helicopters parked around and others.......

I still don't know a lot of things of the game because i download it monday and i have to still explore around.

And i was thinking for story-line missions that we can do the story of cj before going in san andreas, if you remember in the begining of SA game cj is starting in int. francis airport,and the creators (mod makers) can do this type of story-line mod in the beta 8. and guys first of all you have to try the san vice mod and you can see that the videos of the story lines are not has the videos they are like the camera putted in a position or a helicopter putted with the first person camera mod, and is not so hard to do this story line mod. you guys have to try this game first like this you can understand what i am talking about.

if you don't want to delete san andreas copy and paste it in the rockstar games folder with the same name and put the san vice files in it. and if the game freezes after 15 or 10 minutes better put the files of the empty path nodes in the gta 3.img of the san vice model folder(using img tool), you have to add all of them 0 to 63.

guys please respond me for this new idea

One thing for the mod-makers, that they can get the files of the game and replace them in the mod of gta SA-LC.


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The beta is the third one

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I think we would all be a lot happier if there were real interiors at you safehouse, with a wardrobe and everything, not just walking into an elevator and saving your game.

Lets keep up the good work!

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Just an idea,

Making Luigi's club an actual working strip joint would be pretty cool and also how could I add some lights in the Bistro?

when I'm playing pool it gets real dim in there when night falls.

Great Mod,

Can't Wait For 8!

February 28, 2013 at 1:49 AM Flag Quote & Reply

John George Jr.
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I hope,that it will be a final version in next relise of the mod


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guys i have a new idea. if some of you guys played gta united 1.2, at the first mission at south staunton island, if you go to the easy way theres  the high building next to the liberty tree building (were donald love was at lcs, i didn't play gta 3), if you go there in the game theres only a hotel suite.   this is the video of the first mission of gta united 1.2 :

then if someone wants mod the map use map editor, i don't like to use it but you can transorm the game and help the creators to have ideas.   

April 12, 2013 at 4:45 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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what about put that ghost town in liberty city that one from the first cutscene from gta3 with liberty city bank

June 16, 2013 at 6:17 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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Hi people, just a reply for this topic.

They are great ideas, I mean, really. I have ideas. I would like to suggest these:

-change the sounds of "picking up guns" into like GTA III

-Girlfriends (Misty, Maria, and maybe you should make more)

-Fixes of the gunshot sounds (of course, there will be, in Beta 8 or the final version)

-The original GTA III pedestrian speeches/conversations

-The trees in the North Mountain have collisions right? What if some trees would have no collisions? It's hard driving there or flying.

-The bridge between Staunton and Shoreside has working lift

-An addon: An Import Export Heli Pad, where we could get the helicopter, if we complete the list

-Another addon: Import Export Hangar (same to above, but planes are used)

-Another for bikes and boats

-Gangsters have their own languages (like the Mafia has there "I don't know" language)

That's all in my mind. So, thanks. Sorry for bad English, I am a Filipino, and we don't so much use English.

November 7, 2013 at 9:39 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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